• A planner’s take on CA’s new EV news
    A reporter reached out to ask my thoughts, using a transportation planning lens, on the news about the California Air Resources Board (CARB) plans to phase-out all new gas-powered vehicle sales by 2035. I emailed a response. None of it ended up in the story (which is fine, things change), but since I took the … Read more
  • Guidance for police traffic crash reports
    On a typical day, over 100 Americans lose their lives in car crashes. That is like a commercial airplane falling out of the sky every other day. Yet there is little widespread public outcry about this significant and largely preventable loss of our loved ones, colleagues, and neighbors. Our research shows that news coverage of … Read more
  • Driver Attitudes about Bicyclists: Negative Evaluations of Rule-Following and Predictability [TRB conference paper]
    ABSTRACTFew studies have probed the role of attitudes in interactions between drivers and bicyclists. Research has shown that perceptions of situations or other roadway users may be a function of mode, and drivers do not treat all bicyclists equally. Most existing research on attitudes between drivers and bicyclists relies on surveys of bicyclists; little data … Read more
  • Vulnerable Road User Safety in the (Partially) Autonomous Age
    A pdf of my slides on partial autonomy, the trolley problem (and its problems!), and safety related to vulnerable road users.
  • Syllabus section on mental health and wellbeing
    My current syllabus section on mental health and wellbeing. I’ve thought about expanding it, but I do think there are benefits of keeping it short and broad, partly because there are many aspects to it and partly because I am not a counselor. I welcome discussion or suggestions. Dr. Goddard’s syllabus statement on mental health … Read more